Frequently asked questions

How does the filters work and do they have to be replaced after a period of time?

The filters are continuously working due to water vapor pressure changes in the
surrounding air. Depending on the pressure difference, the system will balance the
moisture level to cut peak loads. Replacement is only necessary when physically damaged.

Which results can be expected and when?

With our filters we prevent water vapor molecules from aggregation before they reach the
evaporator coil. The process starts immediatly after installation. Followed by an
acclimatisation period less condensation / ice build up can be observed and thus energy
savings are achieved. Results are always site specific.

What are the advantages and why is this beneficial?

A more stable and even operation of cooling equipment along the cold chain leads to
more appealing product presentation, less operating expenses, improved employee
utilization due to unnecessary maintenance activities and green marketing benefits.

What are the costs and how long is the amortization period?

As this is a retrofit solution and each filter belongs to the type of inferior assets the
amortization period is usually between 1 – 3 years. By adding up depreciation, avoided
maintenance, breakdowns, loss of turnover, improved employee utilization as well as
energy savings the quantified benefits are obvious apart from the quality improvements.