Betriebsausfälle und Umsatzverluste verhindern - Preventing business interruptions and turnover losses
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Preventing business interruptions and turnover losses

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Ice and snow – how an annoying problem in supermarkets was finally solved:

Our product ensures more sustainability and longer life for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms. The use of our molecular filters changes the process of cooling. At the core of it, a specially processed natural mineral mixture performs its lasting effect without any additional energy input.

It temporarily stores water molecules that are carried in by the ambient air when refrigeration units are opened and slowly releases these molecules back into the cooling environment after a time delay. As a result, this water cannot condense directly on the evaporator and ultimately lead to icing.

This supposedly small effect has a far-reaching impact.

Due to the reduced icing of the evaporator, the cooling system runs much more efficiently and thus more economically. Even here, the energy requirement is reduced and thus CO2 emissions are limited.

Modern refrigeration systems/cooling units defrost several times a day. In some cases, electric heating is used to heat the evaporator in order to defrost the condensed ice. The installation of our filters also leads to a significant reduction in these defrosting times, as less ice needs to be defrosted. The shorter defrosting times naturally reduce the energy required and thus the associated emission of CO2.

Since the molecular filters can be installed in almost all commercially available refrigeration units, even in the aftermarket, we create the possibility of improving efficiency even in the middle of the product life cycle. The refrigerated cabinets and systems can thus be operated in an optimised manner and run with a verified better energy balance.

Other benefits of its use include generally less icing on products and significantly less snowing of displayed goods in the retail area. The use of this technology has also shown that the failure probability of refrigeration systems has been demonstrably reduced and that the refrigerated cabinets function faultlessly during peak load periods. This ensures more safety and significantly fewer unplanned service calls.

Especially in times of global warming, the subject of cooling is becoming increasingly important. Our filters help to achieve this in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way.


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