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COP26 and quick wins on cutting emissions for food retail

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How advanced supermarkets are using this system to save several tons of CO2 per year while preventing outages. How is this possible and what you can do to implement this best practice and cutting emissions for food retail?

According to a report from the KIGALI Cooling Efficiency Program: “Optimization, monitoring, and maintenance of cooling technology has the potential to save 30Gt of CO2emissions by 2050” said Didier Coulomb, Director-General, International Institute of Refrigeration. Looking at this in context of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) with focus on cutting down emissions there is one way of immediate emission savings.

The report says that policy makers should make effective optimization, monitoring, and maintenance of cooling equipment a key goal as the 20% savings in electricity translate into a 13% reduction in total cooling emissions (including GHG emissions from refrigerants).

In other words: looking for new technologies to solve the climate challenges is not the only way forward. Incremental improvements and proper maintenance of existing technologies has a crucial impact and can be realized instantly at low costs. There is no free lunch people are saying. But actually here it is.

With CNT Technology GmbH we help supermarkets to upgrade and optimize their freezer cabinets and rooms. These applications usually suffer from excess moisture which leads to ice and snow build up, increased energy consumption, downtime due to frozen evaporators as well as food waste and loss of turnover.

So what we can do with our molecular filter system for your applications:

hardly any ice and snow formation on products and surfaces any more

significantly shorter compressor running times and thus less wear and tear

reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

better working and storage conditions in cooled environments

reduced operating costs due to elimination of unplanned downtimes

more efficient use of personnel by reducing avoidable maintenance measures


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