CNT Technology was founded
CNT Technology

How CNT Technology was founded

In the course of global warming, cooling is becoming increasingly important. In particular, sustainable and efficient use of resources plays a special role. That is why we have set out to make a decisive contribution to the further development and improvement of the refrigeration technology currently in use. After more than a year of exciting projects and interesting contacts, it is time for a brief review:

After several years of intensive research and development, a vision evolved into a market-ready and scientifically confirmed concept. Together with the market leaders in the respective sectors, including restaurant chains, food retail and manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets, we were able to show what our molecular filter technology is capable of.

Based on the previous successes, CNT Technology GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2020. We wanted to use the opportunity of EUROSHOP2020 to present our highly flexible products and solutions to as many interested trade fair participants as possible and thus make their everyday operations easier. What happened afterwards?

Despite inner tension, our first trade fair appearance went much better than expected and we registered a very high level of interest during our meetings. Individual and joint pilot projects were agreed upon, which we were able to carry out despite restrictions due to the COVID pandemic.

While special applications or test procedures confronted us with challenges at first glance, we showed extraordinary results in many places:

hardly any ice and snow formation on products and surfaces anymore

significantly lower compressor running times and thus less wear and tear

reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

better working and storage conditions in cooled environments

reduced operating costs due to elimination of unplanned downtimes

more efficient use of personnel by reducing avoidable maintenance measures

The results are as convincing as the use of the refrigeration applications is individual. We are very grateful to JBG2, AHT, Carrier as well as EDEKA, REWE, Kaufland, McDonalds and many other companies for constructive feedback, inspiring discussions, joint projects as well as successes and the open mind to go new and innovative paths with us.

You too can walk the path with us!


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