A filter and yet not a filter
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A filter and yet not a filter

How can we support you in the transformation towards more climate neutrality and more efficient use of resources, while optimising profitability in the use of your cooling systems? A filter – and yet not a filter. Our product is a kind of sieve that is able to temporarily store excess moisture in the form of water molecules before it condenses on products and surfaces and causes ice and snow to form.

In addition to the enormous energy savings (up to 28 %) in the overall system, the use of our filters also improves occupational safety in deep-freeze environments. At the same time, we prevent system impairments and even failures, which often occur due to freezing of the evaporator fins, for example.

Our cassettes consist of a rustproof metal cage with an internal grid, which contains a specially treated mineral mixture adapted to this application. Depending on the application, this can be adapted to existing cooling solutions and to new ones to be developed.

In order for the physical process described to run highly efficiently, our cassettes only need to be regenerated twice a year. They can therefore be reused almost indefinitely and thus contribute to the sustainable use of resources.

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