sustainability in grocery stores
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Importance of sustainability in grocery stores

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A study by KPMG shows that for 66% of respondents, the topic of “sustainability” is an important criterion when it comes to choosing your place of purchase. 🏬 Sustainability in grocery stores is thus a present topic.

The focus is on the product selection, the assortment, but also on aspects of corporate social responsibility for the customer.

Convinced of sustainability in grocery stores

We are convinced that a corporate culture based on sustainability also takes into account the issue of efficient shop fittings. It doesn’t matter whether we are planning new stores or modernising existing ones.

Our molecular filters can make an important contribution here. Either as a direct component of new planning in the area of refrigerated cabinets and frozen food rooms or for retrofitting in existing stores. Decide for yourself.

By using our mineral mixture, which has been specially adapted for this purpose, and the active principle of adsorption & desorption, our filters absorb load peaks. As a result, the systems run more evenly and cope much better with the entry of excessive moisture. Positive consequences of this include:

more stable operation of the cold rooms and refrigeration units

lower probability of failure

better presentation of goods

prevention of loss of turnover

Make your active contribution with the help of our molecular filters and score points with consumers.


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