How EDEKA prevents outages

How EDEKA prevents outages and improves product presentation at the same time

🥇 How EDEKA prevents outages – honest customer feedback – what do 365 days of molecular filters achieve* ?

more sustainability

more customer satisfaction

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An exciting track record. How we modernize new and existing supermarkets together with JBG Deutschland GmbH:

In the southwest of Germany, the climate in the summer months can be tropical ☀️🏝. This leads to the usual challenges in supermarkets and the refrigeration units used there, such as frozen evaporators, snow and ice forming on surfaces, unattractive product presentations and, in the worst case, operational disruptions or failures as well as loss of sales and goods. This is followed by correspondingly unscheduled service calls and the understandable dissatisfaction of all involved.

Do you recognize yourself? Don’t worry. This is what happens to many, regardless of which equipment is used. The most common reason for all these challenges: Exposure to excess moisture. 💦

But there is good news: by using our molecular filter, this is exactly what can be controlled, and it is scientifically proven. Philipp Drass, CTO and authorised signatory, from JBG Deutschland GmbH wanted to see this for himself. After more than a year of successful cooperation and several joint projects, the following results emerge:

72% fewer operational downtimes ensure reliable equipment operation as well as the sale of goods and thus avoid additional service costs.

43% lower average defrosting times save energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions

Significantly less ice and snow formation on products and surfaces ensures saleability and turnover through attractive product presentation

Increased customer satisfaction due to reliable product availability and improved operational safety

You too can be a part of this and opt for progress today! Upgrade without risk and the next summer can come.

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* compared to 365 days before