Success criteria of a frozen food department
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Success criteria of a frozen food department – assortment, structure, order and emotionality

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This is how an article in “Lebensmittel Praxis” describes it. As a customer, you probably don’t think much about why some retailers position frozen goods in the checkout area and others rather in the back of the store.

The retailers themselves are different. Here, the locations of the frozen food department are considered very carefully. There are often two variants, each with advantages and disadvantages.

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1. close to the dairy products

Advantages here: there is a high willingness to buy, special placements are possible and combination purchases are encouraged.

Disadvantages: The cold chain is interrupted. In addition, there are fewer customers there and they usually only make planned purchases.

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2. in the checkout area

A variant that is now seen very often.

Advantages: The cold chain is hardly interrupted, as the next way is usually to the checkout and then out of the market. Spontaneous purchases are also more common here, as all customers have to pass through this area.

Disadvantage: Combination purchases are rarely made by customers at this location, as there are only a few groceries left in the direct checkout area.

Another disadvantage of this location can usually be observed very well in summer. Due to the proximity to the checkout area, which is usually also close to the exit, heat and humidity penetrate the refrigeration units to a high degree during the summer months. Every customer and retailer knows the consequences of this. Ice and snow form on the goods and usually also on the refrigeration units themselves. If the evaporator becomes clogged with ice, the refrigeration units will fail.

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